Huvudbyggnaden, Jersö Gård

Welcome to Jersö Gård in Roslagen

Welcome to Jersö Gård — a farm in Norra Järsö by Lake Erken in Roslagen. At Jersö farm there is a well-stocked hunting shop and about 2 km away there is a hunting shooting range. Jersö Gård is located in Norra Järsö by Lake Erken, just over a mile north of Norrtälje and about an hour’s drive from Stockholm. Lena and Hans Jacobsson welcome you here.


Find your way here

Direction from the south

Jersö Gård is 15 km north of Norrtälje. From Nortälje take road no. 76 towards Grisslehamn. Approx. 2 km after Svanberga turn left towards Jersö. You see a sign “Jersö Gård” after 1.3 km.

Direction from the north

Take road no. 76 towards Norrtälje. Approx. 2 km after Söderbykarl turn right towards Jersö. You see a sign Jersö Gård after 1.3 km. You will find us in the big house.

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